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Mya and Iwia in bedroom 69

Another fresh week and another update like always. Iwia comes back yet again to do another sexy shoot for you guys and this time we paired the amazing and sexy babe with Mya as well, as that babe happens to be quite the sexy and slutty babe just like her. The two of them were all set to have some nice and hot times fucking each other’s cunts this afternoon, so let’s not delay. We know that you are eager to see the action go down once more so let’s just get started and see the scene on the road with them without delays.

The sexy Mya was fancying some sexual fun as the two babes woke up in their bed today and Iwia was more than happy to cater to her buddy’s needs and please her as much as she wanted for this nice day today. So watch her climbing on top of Mya and letting her pussy be licked by the said babe as she uses her masterful fingers to start rubbing and finger fucking her buddy’s very eager and wet pussy as well. By the end of this superb scene, both of the babes managed to reach an orgasm as well. They were really pleased with it!


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Minnie and Lina anal lesbians

Hey there yet again guys and gals. This fresh week we have more amazing and hot sapphic erotica galleries to show off to you and they are quite amazing and hot. In this scene you get to see the two hotties that would like to entice you with their anal pleasing sessions for the afternoon. Their names are Minnie and Lina and they have quite some fun for the afternoon. You can also see Kari and Iwia here with another amazing lesbian fuck too and enjoy two other babes having sexual fun as well. Anyway, coming back on track with our two current beauties, we know that you guys are very eager to see them in action for this nice and hot afternoon so let’s get started.


These two babes have quite a nice and big collection of sex toys that they always like to use and you can rest assured that they get to show off quite a few for you guys today. Apart from some pussy fucking with each other’s masterful fingers and tongues, like we stated, the babes just adore anal as well. And after the pussy pleasing then came the anal pleasing with big toys as well. Watch Lina getting that cute and sexy tight ass stretched nicely by Minnie with a nice and big glass dildo, and see Lina moaning in pleasure and begging her buddy to fuck her faster and harder as well. We hope that you will enjoy the gallery and we’ll be back soon with more lesbian action!

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Lila and Iwia pleasing each other

Well hello again. Since last week we brought back Kari, at Sapphic Erotica, today we wanted to bring back Iwia as well. She gets to be joined by the luscious and sexy blonde named Lila and the two ladies get to have some fun in the kitchen. The ting is that they’re not there to cook food. They are there preparing something else and you already know what that is too. Anyway, let’s see them getting to please each other nice and hard, and let’s enjoy the two beauties getting to play with each other’s nice and horny cunts too.

The first intention was actually to cook some dinner but it seems that the ladies were pretty horny and since they were both in the mood to fuck they forgot all about it. Watch them closely and see them getting each other naked by taking their clothes off and you can also enjoy seeing them rubbing each other’s pussies as they kiss. Take your time to see Iwia as she starts to please her buddy’s nice and eager pussy with her expert fingers today. Enjoy seeing the blonde moan loudly and see the whole superb scene today. We will see you once more next week with fresh stuff!


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Klara and Kari naughty on the couch

Well we have new and fresh sapphic erotica videos for you to see today, and you get to see last week’s babe in some more action. Of course it’s the naughty and sexy cutie named Kari and this time she is joined by the lovely Klara that happens to be another naughty and passionate little babe with a passion for girl on girl action. Today you get to see these two babes taking their time to enjoy their lesbian fuck and it sure was quite the sight to see today. Enjoy watching them in action and let’s get the show started today!


The lovely women made quick work of their clothes once more today, and you can see that they only kept their high heels on themselves for the day. Enjoy seeing them starting to play and watch closely as they go to work on each other’s cunts on that sexy white leather couch for the evening. It’s quite the sight to see two beautiful babes as they are as they get to play with one another’s amazing cunts, so just sit back and watch as they get to finger fuck each other nice and long for the whole afternoon. See you next week!

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Sapphic lovers Kari and Iwia

We can say for certain that miss Kari and miss Iwia make the sexiest and cutest pair of babes that even we got to shoot for this scene. The two ladies were nice and horny and they were very much eager to get to work on their pussies for the afternoon. They know that you love seeing hot babes like them get down and dirty and naughty and you can rest assured that they did everything accordingly today as they wanted to entice you as much as possible too. So let’s not waste time and see them in action shall we?

For their setting they used a nice and sexy recliner chair that was all made out of leather and that was mainly because both of these hot and horny babes just adore the feeling of leather on their naked skin. Sit back and have fun with them today as they start off all naked and horny on the said little naughty couch. Watch as Kari lifts her buddy’s pussy up and see her licking it and kissing it with a passion and see her making Iwia moaning in pleasure with the oral pleasing for today. We hope you enjoyed it as per usual!


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Sapphic Erotica – Kady and Tine

Another fresh week and time for some more new and hot babes to make their way to your screens. For this one we present you with the two lovely and hot ladies that shot this week’s scene, Kady and Tine. These two little ladies know how to have their kinky fun any day of the week with each other and they sure are eager to show off to you guys as well today. So let’s get the amazing show started and see the two cuties in action as they get to play with each other’s nice and horny cunts today shall we? we know you want to see them too.


Both of them were sporting some nice and hot satin lingerie underneath those sexy outfits that they wore, and of course you can see them parading them too. Well the babes were very eager to get around to have each other’s sweet and eager cunts today, so just watch them kissing passionately and getting around to undress more and more for you and the cameras. You get to watch the blonde as she licks and slurps on that eager cunt with a passion, and then she gets the same treatment from her dark haired buddy today. Have fun!


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Juliette and Anneli sapphic lesbians

For this week’s hot SapphicErotica scene you get to see some more of the sweet and sexy babe Anneli and some more of the hot and horny Juliette as well. You guys asked to see these two babes some more and we just had to bring them back in this nice and fresh update today. To see Anneli’s hot update as well as Juliette’s you just need to check the past updates around here. Anyway, today the two babes have some more things to show off to you as they get to have some more sexual fun with each other and you can rest easy knowing that you get to see more of these two amazing and luscious babes for the afternoon. So let’s get their hot show on the road.

Once again they got to have the afternoon all to themselves and they were eager to play with each other quite a lot too. Sit back and watch them undressing as they kiss with a passion and see them revealing those simply delicious and sexy curves to the cameras and you guys as well. Then they get straight to the action with some nice and naughty pussy licking while they moan in pleasure all afternoon long today. Enjoy the gallery today guys and gals and see you next week with another superb and amazing scene. We know that you will love watching these two and rest assured that you will be seeing more and more of them in the future as well. Bye bye!


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Lesbian threesome, purple moments

The last threesome with three eager and horny babes that we had brought to you enjoyed a lot of success that time. So we decided to bring you one more to enjoy for today. You get to see another hot and sexy trio of hot and horny babes as they get to enjoy sweet and sexy lesbian passionate moments with each other for the whole afternoon. And as usual you get front row seats to the said show to be able to enjoy the whole fuck fest for today. Let’s take the time to see them at play without any more delays today shall we?


As the cameras start rolling, you can see that the cutie have already started their little naughty sexy times session on the bed and the only thing they keep on themselves were the small and cute panties. Watch them beginning to play more and more naughty with each other and see those cute panties flying everywhere today. Of course that what followed after that was an all out lesbian fuck fest with all the cuties licking each other’s eager pussies as well. Have fun with it and see you next week once more as usual guys and gals!


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Sexy lesbians Jolie and Generosa

Hey there once more everyone, sapphic erotica videos is back with another scene for you to see. We bring you two lovely babes that you got to see in the past for another superb and hot scene this afternoon and we bet you will adore them as always. They are the hot and sexy babes Jolie and Generosa and you got to see them together in a past update like we said. Today they are back with some more of their shenanigans and you can bet that they intend to have their fun for this afternoon. Let’s get their show started today.

The babes were sporting quite the nice and hot lingerie sets and they looked sizzling hot as always. Let’s get to see the amazing and cute ladies at play as they start off with some nice oral pleasing on each other’s wet pussies. Take your time to watch them as they get to lay back on the bed afterwards, and see them as they get to do some nice finger fucking as well. Jolie gets to have her sweet and eager ass fingered while her buddy Generosa also licks that wet and eager pussy as well. So have fun with it and see you soon!


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Jessie and Bailey sapphic lovers

Hey there guys and as always, welcome back to a fresh and hot update. Today we brought back Jessie and Bailey to enjoy some nice and hard lesbian fucking sessions for you and as always you get to see it all only here. The two cuties have both been present in past scenes, so you know what they know a thing or two about playing with kinky pussies too. So let’s take the time for this afternoon and watch them as they get to have access to one another’s bodies as much as they want, and let’s see them in action without delay.


The two ladies decided to have the little lesbian fun session on the floor in the living room, and you can see them putting some pillows down to make it more comfortable as well. Take your time to enjoy seeing them start off with some nice pussy rubbing on each other as they were kissing each other. Then the whole thing goes a step further as you get to see them moaning in pleasure louder and louder for you as they fuck one another’s eager cunts with their fingers. Have fun with the scene and see you guys next week as per usual!

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