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Sapphic Erotica video – Tess and Mia

Yet another fresh week and time for one more amazing sapphic erotica video to be showed off today. Today’s sexy babes are named Tess and Mia and they got to share the scene in this new video of ours. You can be sure that you will have what to see today with these two beautiful and amazing babes. You can see many more such sexy ladies having some kinky and sexy fun by scrolling down and enjoying our older posts and hot scenes with lovely ladies. Returning two our current two little cuties, this fine video has them playing with each other’s wet cunts today and as always you get front row seats to the amazing and sexy show today. Let’s see the action shall we?

As the cameras start to roll, you can see that the two babes were already on the floor and ready to play with each other. Watch their nice and sexy scene and see the sexy babe Tess kissing her friend Mia passionately too. Then Tess lays on her back and allows Mia to do her thing and play with that horny and eager cunt for the rest of the scene. Enjoy watching the cutie Tess moaning in pleasure as Mia works her pussy with her expert fingers and tongue today. It was quite the sight to see them at play and we know that you will adore them as well. Have fun with it as always and do stay tuned for more amazing scenes in the future!

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Sapphic erotic 69 video update

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to another one of our superb and sexy video updates. We wanted to do something special for this nice week and as a reward for you guys for following us for so long. And that resulted in us shooting this superb video with this sizzling hot blonde and her eager dark haired friend today. You will get to enjoy seeing the babes in live action as they get to have one another’s superb pussies for the whole afternoon and it’s quite the sight to see this fine afternoon.

The two hot and horny lesbian babes start off kissing with a passion and dressed up nice and sexy in some very cute lingerie. Of course you can see them helping each other out as they take them off to undress in this video and it’s quite superb to watch. The blonde then spreads open her sexy long legs to let her buddy have easy access to her sweet pussy and you get to watch her moan in pleasure as she gets her sweet and wet pussy licked by her friend today. Enjoy your stay and see you as always next time with fresh scenes!

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Sapphic lovers Henessy and Anita

For this new Sapphic Erotica update we wanted to bring back some more of the classy babes that entertained you in the past. And this fine day it’s the lovely brunette hotties Hennesy and Anita. One has shoulder long curly hair and the other much longer straight hair. The two Girls Out West babes had their silky smooth bed all to themselves to show off once more and we think that they did quite the amazing job to have fun with each other’s amazing bodies for this afternoon too. Let’s get straight to the action and see them at play today shall we?

The cameras roll and the babes are ready to start playing with each other. You can just tell that you will be in for a good show with these two amazing babes today. Henessy and Anita are very passionate in bed and that shows in this superb scene. Sit back and watch as Hennesy lets Anita play first with her sweet pussy as she sits with her legs spread open and then see as Anita gets her turn to have her pussy pleased as well. We hope that you enjoyed your stay today and we will see you as always, next week with more lesbian porn scenes!


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Walda and Riya in anal pleasure

Today’s sapphic erotica videos update has more fresh and amazing scenes for you to see. This week we brought Walda back for another sexy scene and she is joined by the cute Riya for the afternoon. Walda got to play with Marsila last week and that scene is just sizzling hot and not to miss either, so just take your time to enjoy this one and that one as well, okay everyone? Returning to this scene, the cutie was happy to know that you guys loved her, and henceforth she was really happy to get to start in another fresh and hot scene for you. So let’s see her playing with the nice and cute brunette this afternoon. Let’s get the show on the road!

walda-and-riya-anal-toying The two babes didn’t waste time right from the start as they were superbly horny and in the mood to fuck. Well we known that Walda likes to please, so since the brunette babe Riya was so eager, Walda pulled out this nice and big dildo that she intended to use on that sweet pussy today. Have fun and sit back and watch as Walda gets to used that huge glass dildo on the brunette’s cute ass as well after she gave her pussy a thorough fucking with it as well this afternoon. We hope you’ll like it as always and do check out the past scenes as well for more amazing and hot babes. We will come back next week with more for you to see. Also you can click here and watch other sexy lesbians fucking!

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SapphicErotica – Walda and Marsila

Talking about new couples, today we have another new pair for you, in the newest Sapphic Erotica update. These two babes are named Walda and Marsila and they sure know how to play with each other too. Well anyway let’s get started and see the two beauties as they get to start off today. They sure are cute and horny as well and you will get to see just how much as soon as the scene starts as well. Both of them stated that there’s nothing more that they love doing than play with their pussies if they have the time required too. Let’s see them in action today.

The scene starts off with the blonde in her friend’s lap as they kiss each other with a passion and the brown aired babe also rubs the blonde’s lovely pussy too. In that same position the blonde got to achieve orgasm today as her buddy fingered her sweet cunt for a nice and long while too. After that the blonde wants to please her friend as well so she helps her out with a nice and big dildo and then she eagerly watches her taking the sex toy nice and deep in the ass for today. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you soon with more lesbian movies! Stay tuned!

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Yenny and Tess in the bedroom

Another fresh week yet again and time once more to bring you fresh and hot content. This nice week we have the two babes Yenny and Tess here and Yenni is the new cutie in the studio. Tess was on the job to teach her the ropes and have some fun with her for the afternoon and what all this resulted in was one superb and sexy lesbian fuck that you can enjoy today. So let’s not waste time and just get to see the two beauties in bed as they get to play with each other as well shall we? We know you are eager to see them too.


Tess wanted to test her new fuck buddy first, so she laid on her back in the white bed and told Yenny that she needs to make her moan in pleasure. No problem, Yenny was already hoping for a chance to prove herself to Tess and so she starts off by kissing Tess and gently rubbing her clit with her fingers. Soon after she inserts two of her fingers in and starts to please that pussy with her touch. Sit back and watch the cutie getting a fast and hard finger fucking for this nice and hot afternoon update. We will be seeing you soon!

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Sapphic love with Vanda and Tiffany

Vanda and Tiffany are two more luscious sexy ladies that love to have some lesbian hard style fun any afternoon that they can, as you will see in this sapphicerotica video. They form a couple and they were eager to come here and show off how they like to play. So let’s see them in action today without any delay to see how they play in bed. Rest assured that they had a free hand to do anything that they wanted too and they took that opportunity to show off some incredibly hot and sexy things today. Let’s see them in action today shall we?

Like all the babes in the past scenes, the babes start off with the undressing first. Which was a bit difficult to do throughout their whole passionate kissing session. Well eventually they do strip down to their party suits so to speak, and they were ready. Sit back and watch Vanda and Tiffany orally pleasing each other’s eager and wet pussies today and enjoy the superb and sexy scene today. We will be back next week with some more fresh stuff for you as always. Bye bye for now and have fun with it, we know that the babes will offer some great shows for you!


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Sapphic Erotica lesbian orgy video

This was quite the special week today as we had another amazing group of ladies playing for you. They are five of our hottest here and they sure got to have lots of fun for this one today. Check some of their scenes out as they play by visiting the ‘purple moments’ update, and enjoy seeing some of them in action for the afternoon. The update we bring you today is quite hot and we bet that you will enjoy seeing them in action for the afternoon. They take their time to play with each other all day long today and it’s quite fun to see them too. So let’s not delay and see the superb video with the five amazing and sexy ladies today as they get to have some group sexual fun.

It all started with them playing some kinky games as they got naked for one another and began to tease each other with those superb bodies. Of course you get to enjoy it too as the lovely babes strip out of each other’s clothes in the start of this amazing scene. But rather soon the fuck fest is on the way, and you get to see each and every one of them taking the time to play and please each other’s sweet pussies too. Have fun seeing them eating each other’s pussies out for the day and have fun with this lesbian group fuck. We know that you will love it and rest assured that we will have more amazing stuff to show off in the future too! Until then, you can click here and watch some similar lesbian sex videos! Have fun!

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SapphicErotica – Tina and Coco

Hey there once more everyone. Yet again we come back to you with more amazing and sexy women pleasing each other and just like always we have the sexiest and horniest babes too. Today it’s Tina and Coco and they are here to entertain you for the afternoon. Tina is of course the babe with brown long hair as you got to see her in past scenes too. Coco on the other hand is the new cutie that we want to show off to you. She is a very horny and kinky brunette with short hair and she’s super cute with a killer body as well.

We had the cute Tina test out Coco’s skill in this scene to see what she can do and Tina agreed as she’d be very willing to let someone please her pussy for this whole afternoon. Sit back and watch closely as you get to see the sweet and eager Coco undressing Tina first, and then watch her having the sexy and cute Tina bend over so that she may have access to that wet pussy hole. Enjoy watching Coco using her expert tongue and lips to please that pussy all afternoon long as she has Tina moaning loudly in pleasure today! If you liked this sapphic erotica scene, you can click here and watch other lesbian beauties licking each other’s pussy!


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Uma, Danae and Erica

Hey there guys, time for the weekly update and some more ladies to show off. This time we have the sweet hotties Uma, Danae and Erica and all three babes were eager to play for you. Our last scenes with lots of babes had quite the success so we said that we should bring you some more to enjoy for this update. The three lovely ladies got to have the afternoon and the living room all to themselves to play and they sure used it the time and the place to their full potential today. So let’s see them playing and fingering for this nice update today!


The whole action takes place on the floor in front of the fireplace, as the ladies fancied playing with each other’s nice and eager wet pussies on the fuzzy carpets. Well no problem as for extra comfort they also got some nice black and golden silk pillows as well. So sit back and watch as one babe gets to have her pussy rubbed and ass fingered, and meanwhile she licks the blonde’s pussy with a passion as well for today. Enjoy seeing the trio at play this afternoon and see you next time with some more fresh content and sexy babes!

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